Saturday, September 6, 2008


Let me continue my crusade (very "religious term, isnt it?! You bet!) against the greatest evils still very prevalent & continuing its destructive project!

What the MYTH OF GOD did to mankind was to divide it ruthlessly, & started a THE war that has no sign of ending. All this is due to another evil, another concrete-strong belief, another totally false conception- another idiocy- it is known as Religion.

Religion has made people think towards each other as "US" & "THEM", referred to people 'belonging' to a particular religion as having some basic characteristics, & imbibed certain revolting superstitions. It has encouraged the worst of competitions among people by encouraging them to beleive that their religion is the BEST & 'others' of different faith are those to be avoided, hated & if necessary, killed. This they do on the name of 'GOD', who is unquestionable. But how wrong is that I have tried to prove it in my previous posting.

As majority of the population beleives in god, so by default, they come under the purview of religion. Because both are, so to say- MADE for each other (yeah, this whole conception is totally MADE up!)!! As people of different region came to beleive in god, their expression and (wrong) understanding of god became different- so the rise of different religions. This is also due to the rise of several "pioneers" whose speeches are compiled today in a "HOLY" (holy hell!!) books & considered to be the gateway to reach the almighty. But the totally wrong interpretations of those sayings by selfish, self-centred, opportunist psychopaths, also known as "preachers", have given those sermons, a wholly different communal look. But the plan succeeded beyond imagination- the CONSTRUCT, in the nameof "religion" became the sole way for people to escape from their daily hardships and find solace. Only if the common mass became literate, they could have got access to infinite number of pleasures in the form of literature, music & painting, that they could not even imagine- and so easily escape the cluthes of religion! Oh! What a pity!

Instead, what invaded people's mind in ancient times & conquered their thinking so much as to totally write history in its own terms in the middle ages was the most harmful conceept of human history, created by some humans, for most humans & used as a way of usurping power, pride & pounds!!

And the poor us! What could we have done but follow those "messengers of god" and embrace & give our souls to something & sacrifice our lives for it which we beleive to be the ultimate truth- THE ULTIMATE FALSE!!

o, what followed was the inevitable- fellow people fighting & mercilessly killing each other, trying to snatch each other's lands, spending millions for building the "houses of god", which were actually the hothouses of corruptcy, intricate conspiracies & plans that altered the course of civilisation altogether- but all in the name of god! The idea was that, by bringing a huge amount of population under one banner, these "leaders" could coerce, control & culturally modify them so as to serve their own ends.

It is another surprise how people around the world, in each eras, use their brains so little & work so less & try to get a readymade knowledge of everything. It wouldnt have been so destructive had they in their own lazy way, just listened to the great scientists & thinkers. But as usual- power gives patronage. Those preachers saw to it that no rational minded people get in their way & the commoners got submerged in the sugar-coated, "elite" languages of them.

Another cursed relative of religion is superstition. The latter is the foundation of the former.It is so funny on one hand and pathetic on the other to see men & women performing bizarre practices, hoping that those peculiar gestures would free them from all sins & bring them good fortunes! By practising these nitty-gritty rituals of their respective rituals, they became more bound to their faith & considered others as "outsiders". This helped the leaders greatly as it permanently secured them a fan-base those can be exploited and thus support their orders day & night.

To those who have been engaged in catastrophical crusades & ravaging riots, here goes my question- if 5 new-borns are picked randomly from the entire world, can they prove in which religion they belong????

I wont ask the next questions of WHYs? & How Comes? because if one judges the above query with rationality, it wont matter how many lifetime passes, it is impossible to answer it. Because, THERE IS NO ANSWER TO A PROBLEM WHICH ULTIMATELY DOES NOT EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

It is high time for US to abandon the racist religious ideas & come back to our common senses. It is highly needed that we understand people may be different in appearance & speak a different language, but basically they are exactly us. WE ARE THE MIRRORS OF OURSELVES! If we consider someone as "DIFFERENT", it is actually WE who are not like them- WE are abnormals & fail to realise the truth. Nobody is required to belong to any religion to be a better person. All they need is to apply their sensibilities & follow universal humanitarian doctrines, which are generally meant for all who likes to have a normal life, free of prejudices.

Let us then grasp the TRUE meanings of the words of Jesus, Muhammad & Buddha & so many others who had in reality wanted peace & unity, a society of honesty & forgiveness. They have spoken the same phrases, constructed in a different manner- just the opposite of what is propagated. So, taking them as examples, in the right way & removing all the myths of gods and grim differences, let our mind become clear & let the wind of reason & right facts come in our way, so that our, all our hearts beat in unison!! Only then can we become the masters of our ownself & take a step, with others to jointly venture in the unknown future which we can only hope to develop. Why not enjoy our life to the fullest by making EVERYONE a member of this huge party of existence & simply not allow the biggest party-pooper of all time- religion, who just try to celebrate their own little achievements??

OK, thats all, I cannot waste my precious time writing so much about that dark fantasy. It has already eaten so much footage which it doesnt deserve!!

So till then, BYE, TATA, ALVIDA, SIONARA, AU REVOIR (see- it ALL means the same!!)!!!!