Saturday, August 16, 2008


HI! I'm back again (as if I wouldn't have!)!!
This time I bring with myself a wish for you all- HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY (a belated one for indians, and to others- in advance!!)! So, what make this day so special that everyone remembers this day without fail, that it is dedicated as a National holiday? For Indians this indeed is a special one- and let me repeat what is repeated each and every year- that this is the very day when India made herself free from the clutches of those britishers who ruled for a loonng 200years!
But the million dollar (I really hope somebody would give me that amount, and please be FAST!) question is- does 15th august hold any relevance in present times?
Because all that I see on this day are a bunch of unemployeds unfurling the Indian flag in some god-forsaken field, flanked by certain teenagers without any knowledge of what the whole process is all about! Or else, this is the day, when the bangalibabus, getting another holiday spends the entire day without much giving a thought about those men & women who have sacrificed their lives so that he can enjoy his siesta. Atleast the majority attitude is like this. In other more developed areas, may be a conference is held to look back at those 'cursed' days of the bygone era!
So if there is such an indifference, whats the point in giving the people another holiday in the midst of all the bandhs that our citizens have mastered to use in their own interests?!
The minor aim of people would not only be to try & understand the implications of a free country but also do atleast something for their motherland. And this should not remain restricted to that enigmatic date in august the fifteenth; but must be done throughout the year. And most importantly, people should do it out of their own free will- or else in the long run we will remain in that block-1, from where we started! And this will can only come from awareness & education- but oops! I'm going into the government's territory & I refuse to give them any more advices until they give me any high post (hey! Just check out their recently upgraded salary amounts!)!
Also, why should we only celebrate 15th august as independence day when in the past we have gained freedom in different ways from different people? Is it only because this was the last time that such a freedom movement occured? So if somebody again captures us tomorrow & we gain freedom after 10 years on any specific date, then do we start celebrating our 'independence day' on that day, forgetting 15th august? Oh! What respect for those who have been forgotten, never to be remembered again! Oh! Thousand applause for public memory & to their fantastic logic!!

Another thought is that- if we really want to become civilised men in the future (in the current circumstances, this is an utopian idea!) we must get rid of these mental barriers known as borders in any political science & geography book. There should be no countries as such, no different currencies- everyone should work in an integrated manner to make this one world, really a single place for humans. Now in this context does it really matter when one country at some time got ruled by another? We should not be so country-specific but also try to look at the larger picture. This does mean that we should not remember what occured in the past, but learning from it we must not indulge in such violent activities of conquering countries & make thousands of people to live according to the wishes of few. Now if there are no countries, then no question of 'conquering' or 'ruling others' would arise.
In the present conditions, it is also a rational thing to do is to ask that are we really free? Does everyone have the privilege of getting the basic comforts, can they speak their hearts out, can they atleast do whatever they feel without harming others? So what "independence" is this? According to me it is more dangerous, as from outside, hey! WE ARE A FREE COUNTRY!

Now the thing is if I dont really care about a particular country or region & feel happy or sad due to any event at any part of the world, then why, oh! WHY indeed do I feel a resonance within me when our national anthem is being played, why do I feel so motivated when the achievements of the great Indians are shown time and again, why do I feel a sense of victory, when a fellow Indian wins a nobel, an olympic medal or a world cup & hell, WHY do the very term 'India' feel so close to my heart? It is not only because we have been taught to thought it that way, but also due to a sense of belonging of relating something to our own actions! Patriotism thus also forces us to go that extra distance by doing something good or terrible (lke Hitler!) in the name of ones motherland.
But ones we start walking to the path of equality & treat anyone like fellow travellers without analysing their places of birth, then this sense of over-attachment to a certain region because of ones TOTALLY CHANCED BIRTH IN THAT AREA , will fade and in that place a sense of love for the entire living community will arise. Till that happens, we will knoe that we are still lying in the path, prisoners of our own distorted conceptions!
However, that love for entirety will take some time to come, because people even sometime forget to love even their neibours, as Kashmir is showing us so clearly. This incident can be a blessing in disguise, if taking this as a reference point, we begin our journey, until it gets too late!!
So, lets meet you on the road next time!! HAPPY JOURNEY!!


Oromis said...

While agreeing with the first para I cant agree with your advanced internationalism. Humanity simply cant work in an integrated way. It has to compete. Without any divisions and all being equal, human enterprise might fail and all the megalomaniacs across the world will uinite and try global domination. 200 yrs later maybe. ...

yasho said...

Very well written..but logically speaking, the British did not "rule" over us for 200 years... they ruled over us for a total of 89 years. There was no very significant event in 1747 to proclaim the rule of the British. We can say The battle of Plassey in 1757 was a turning point, however the British did not "Rule" over us yet...they were still traders who imposed certain laws and some illeagal rules. The actual trasfer of power happened after the Revolt of 1857 in 1858 with Victoria's proclamation and therefore we can say the British "Ruled" India for 89 years.. not 200!!
However, i would say, it is very well written and i do agree with you.