Saturday, August 30, 2008


In one of my previous posts I talked about building a true civilized society- through integrated, coordinated & peaceful means. Out of these, the main root from where all the branches of developed society emerges is the existence of a peacefulful, tranquil & secured condition. IF this is missing, forget development, even the basic existence of people comes under threat.
Human beings in some way or the other have tried to find this elusive "peace" in infinite ways- by mutual love, loyalty, fulfilling ones duties, through material gains OR by projecting all their acheivements & failures as the result of the wishes of THE SO CALLED "GOD"!
Right from the birth (or, from when man's full evolution had completed, to be exact!) of human beings, they have firmly (oh! what a firmness it was! If only we showed such determination in any other walks of life....!) beleived in the presence of an extra terrestrial presence of incalculable strength who have blessed them by "creating them" in the first place!! It was quite natural millions of years ago to think like that, in the absence of any knowledge about anything where people newly discovered anything & everything that the piece of land has to offer them, on which it was living (hell, I can find very little difference between an early man from a monkey of best quality!)! Their justification was that as they themselves were new to this land, & every huge mountains & lengthy river was already present, then some huge force must have made them. From their perspective, this justification seems obvious!
When early civilisations started cropping up (with their basis on cropping!!) they too beleived in it & again it can be justified on the ground of pure unawareness.
However, as small settlements grew & people's perception wholly changed the one thing that remain intact was their beleive in "THE ALMIGHTY"! No tyrrany, no great inventions, no unearthing of confirmed facts about the evolution of earth & that of life can shake this century old figment of imagination!
It is simply because people like to thonk less (thats why philosophers are so few & respected!). They always want a ready answer for their queries & almost everytime this is totally wrong. Humans never want to go deep into any matter & what they beleive thinks to be the truth. The most harmful effect of this lies in the passing of these distorted conceptions through generations. And as the WHOLE MYTH OF GOD is coming down from time immemorial & preched by the elders of the society (even a century ago, these relationships held great significance), so this whole DIVINE ISSUE has became so inflated that not a single word of indifference (forget protest!) can be shown to it. It has gained the stature of the ULTIMATE TRUTH. Such a pity.
The beleif in traditions and mythology & the silent unchallenged growth of this conception meant that people (the majority i.e.) have altogether forgotten to raise their voice. And this fantasy tale is the blockbuster show, the best selling novel in any era- no kings, Krorepatis or peasant have come free from its influence. And if everybody beleives in something, then who is going to even think challenging it, as he himself, uninterested in doing any hardwork or beleive in the handful of people who says otherwise, accepts god hands down, thus becoming another victim of ignorance but remaining a blue-eyed boy to the society. And who doesnt want some ssecurity & safety from their neighbourhood, & if it comes by following something that is so "obvious" then- bring it on!!
Also, as majority of people at any time were the victim of poverty, they looked for some respite. And this they found by ESCAPING from the hard reality & embracing a rather "peaceful" being who does no harm than good. Ironically, when utter ill condition does befall on them, they simply justify it by saying that it is due to their lack of showing more loyalty towars god!!
This condition existed in the plain light for the past thousands of years. But what is most disheartening is in this age of "informaation revolution", when any ( & i mean ANY!) sort of explanation is a fingertip away, when all those theories so plainly & clearly proves that GOD IS THE ULTIMATE FALSE BELIEF THAT COULD HAVE EVER EXISTED, still gen-y continues to tie those dirty red strings around their wrist, keep wallpapers of those innumerable gods in their cellphones & PCs & moreover BELEIVES in them just like those early ignorant illeterate men on one hand as parallely as they worship jim morrison! Oh! what wide hands this imaginated personality has!!
This means one thing- we are doomed- & by none other than the one whom WE HAVE CREATED OURSELVES!! Although we continue to develop technologically & although we come away from those interdependent, loyal, bonded & slave like conditions, & altough we set up hugr democracies (these are also necessary improvements, by the way!), we lack in one basic place- we cannot fight away a mere memory, the most dangerous cord linking us with the first men on earth! We continue not to beleive in ourselves but in....nothing practically- because what we beleive in DOES NOT EXIST! If we fail to rejoice at our success & rectify our mistakes, we have failed in the most easiest of exams of our life- to beleive that you yourself exist in totality in this earth! OH! I really feel sorry for Darwin & NASA & thousand others who have proved so rationally what IS actually there. You dont have to be a scientist to not beleive in god- but a need to have that which everyone has but no one really uses- COMMON SENSE! A simple checking of obvious facts can lead to the demolition of the greatest evil- the psychologically manufactured- GOD!
I really fail to give a solution how God can be eradicated. May be a comprehensive change of the existing society is needed- but that would again require majority support. Our only hope is in increase in number of REALLY educated people who has an open mind & rational thinking. I have no problem if people stuck pictures of god- AND CONSIDERED THEM JUST AS ORDINARILY AS ANY OTHER FANTASY CHARACTERS LIKE A HARRY POTTER OR TINTIN, but they should not lose their identity & fight over it & lose all interest in unearthing THE TRUTH. Not only in this case, but in any other spheres as well. If we are not hungry for the right version, the right side of the coin, then we will remain the greatest loosers & will be denying only ourselves from the light of the day; because, in any case, truth will remain a truth, a fact a fact- the pity will be that it wont get its due appreciation. GOD IS NEITHER THE GREATEST HERO NOR THE GREATEST ENEMY- IT IS JUST A THING TO BE DEALT WITH CAUTIOUSLY, BUT NOT GIVE THEM THE IMPORTANCE THAT THEY HAVE ENJOYED! Come on, how long can you hang on to the same old STORY & watch the same story turning into a movie & WATCH IT HUNDRED TIMES OVER?!
The story of god does not deserve it!
PS: God if anything gave the most harmful concept in history- another completely misplaced notion- RELIGION! But I'm too tired now fighting god! I will deal with it later, with full ammunition!!....
So long, keep your minda sharp!!


Oromis said...

Interesting theory. I definitely support your theory of the concept of God being a racially inherited memory from prehistoric times. The real problem however is that mankind in general asks questions like who are we? why are we here? etc. Perhaps the easiest way to answer these questions was God. Anyway I might deal with this aspect on my blog.

Oromis said...

Hey read saumyashree's blog comments. AND READ MY BLOG.

yasho said...

very good concept...i agree with u on this point!!